Category: meetings

  • Fernando presents at Amsterdam Neuroscience

    Fernando was selected to give a storyslam presentation at Amsterdam Neuroscience’s annual meeting on October 7th! He talked about his collaborative work on high-order hubs in the human connectome through newly defined measures that can be used on for instance resting-state fMRI data. Feel free to (re)watch his presentation!

  • Lucas and Mona present their first posters!

    After starting their PhDs during the pandemic and being virtual for the most part, Lucas and Mona presented their first posters at OHBM 2022 in Glasgow. Look at them glow!

  • Two posters at OHBM2020!

    #1493 by Shanna Kulik, on Modeling neurophysiological brain activity in individual subjects; we describe a personalized Jansen-Rit neural mass model that uses individual structural connectivity to recapitulate MEG-based empirical functional connectivity. #2064 by Vera Belgers, in which we use MEG oscillatory activity as a proxy of brain activity to predict progression-free survival in glioma patients,…

  • Biniam wins young investigator award!

    After presenting his thesis work on “Changes in resting-state functional brain networks of breast cancer patients treated with chemotherapy and their correlation with fatigue”, Biniam Melese won a young investigator award at ICCTF’s meeting (the International Cognition and Cancer Task Force)! Very well done, and a good reflection of Biniam’s efforts in this highly collaborative…

  • Biniam to present at ICCTF!

    Biniam Melese, who did his internship with Michiel de Ruiter, Sanne Schagen (both of the Netherlands Cancer Institute) and Linda on the brain network correlates of chemobrain in breast cancer patients, has received the honor of holding an oral presentation at the annual meeting of the International Cognition and Cancer Task Force! He will be elucidating…

  • Shanna gave a talk at ECTRIMS 2019

    Her abstract on the predictive value of was chosen for oral presentation! The full talk can be watched back here.

  • Workshop at CNS*2019 about to start!

  • MULTINET lab @OHBM in Rome!

    Come check out the Educational Day, where Linda will talk about resting-state fMRI for language mapping, or visit one of the following posters!! Tuesday T404 | Amyloid-β relates to lower structural degree and higher local efficiency in the posterior cingulate | Laura Jonkman, Martijn Steenwijk, Yvon Galis, Nicky Boesen, Annemieke Rozemuller, Jeroen Geurts, Frederik Barkhof,…