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  • Fernando presents at Amsterdam Neuroscience

    Fernando was selected to give a storyslam presentation at Amsterdam Neuroscience’s annual meeting on October 7th! He talked about his collaborative work on high-order hubs in the human connectome through newly defined measures that can be used on for instance resting-state fMRI data. Feel free to (re)watch his presentation!

  • Fernando featured on IAS website

    The Institute for Advanced Studies highlighted how Fernando’s research and collaborations flourished during (and despite) covid in this article.

  • Job alert! Postdoc and/or Assistant professor position

    We are seeking a talented scientist to strengthen our lab as we strive to improve patient outcomes by understanding and manipulating personalized multiscale network data. We investigate brain disease in general, and glioma specifically, on multiple scales: at the macroscale, we employ advanced neuroimaging and neurophysiology, as well as behavioral assessments. At the micro and mesoscales,…

  • New research section & team members

    As of September 1st, we are a separate research section within the department of Anatomy and Neurosciences! Multiscale Network Neuroscience or MULTINET aims to integrate theoretical insights and empirical findings across different scales of measurement of the brain, ranging from microscopic investigation of individual cells and circuits to whole-brain imaging and behavioral assessments, in order…

  • Why are we putting our journal club discussions on PubPeer?

    Peer review is one of the fundamental pillars of academia, but there is very little guidance for newcomers. They are often asked by their supervisors to join a review for a particular journal and may get exposed to this particular supervisor’s reviewing style. As they start publishing papers themselves, they get exposed to the good,…

  • Doctor Dagmar Nieboer

    After having to postpone her defense in March due to the pandemic, Dagmar Nieboer finally got to defend her dissertation ‘Healthy life, happy brain’? Congratulations Dagmar!

  • Dutch Cancer Society funds our research

    We are very happy that the Dutch Cancer Society (KWF) is funding our study GOALS2, which aims to explore the clinical relevance of brain activity as a marker of glioma growth. A very brief explanation (in Dutch) is given by Linda in this video.

  • Eduarda Centeno joins the lab

    We welcome Eduarda to the lab! She will be helping us streamline our analysis pipelines and, most importantly, organize our shared codes on GitHub.

  • Jolanda defends on November 16!

    Jolanda will defend her dissertation “The impact of glioma on brain functioning and vice versa” on November 16th at 1.45pm!

  • Two posters at OHBM2020!

    #1493 by Shanna Kulik, on Modeling neurophysiological brain activity in individual subjects; we describe a personalized Jansen-Rit neural mass model that uses individual structural connectivity to recapitulate MEG-based empirical functional connectivity. #2064 by Vera Belgers, in which we use MEG oscillatory activity as a proxy of brain activity to predict progression-free survival in glioma patients,…