Eduarda Centeno

I hold a B.Sc in Biotechnology and an M.Sc in Neuroscience from the Neuramus Programme at Université de Bordeaux and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. With over eight years of research experience, I have developed expertise in diverse fields, including Open Science, computational neuroscience, signal processing, data analysis, Python pipeline development, electrophysiology, cell culture, molecular biology, cell biology, animal models, and brain dissection.

In 2020, I had the opportunity to join the Multinet Lab, where I conducted my Master’s thesis project under the guidance of Linda and Fernando. The aim of my project was to apply Python-based topological data analysis to resting-state fMRI datasets from glioma patients. Additionally, I authored a practical tutorial on applying graph theory and topological data analysis in neuroimaging data. I am delighted to share that this work has not only resulted in invitations to publish in a scientific journal and as a book chapter but has also garnered recognition through the OSCAward’s Open Educational Resources category. Moreover, it was shortlisted for the Brain Structure and Function Best Paper award.

Currently, I am a Research Assistant at VUmc, where my primary focus lies in implementing Open Science practices in Linda’s lab and the Anatomy & Neuroscience department, where I also coordinate the Open Science Working Group. Since January 2021, I have been pursuing a Ph.D. at the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate School as a part of Leblois’ team, where I am based. My Ph.D. project revolves around developing a data analysis pipeline to investigate vocal learning and consolidation in zebra finches, specifically. Additionally, I am actively involved as a board member of the Open Science Community Amsterdam and with different parts of the Open Science movement in the Netherlands and France.

Apart from my dedication to Open Science and research, I love for reading, travelling, dancing, and savouring good food. I also take great joy in being a plant mom and caring for my furry friends from a distance.

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