Bernardo Maciel

I’m a Biomedical Engineer from Portugal, interested in the frontier between engineering, neuroscience and psychiatry. I am especially passionate about using artificial intelligence for synthesis and analysis of biomarkers of psychiatric/neurologic disease. In particular, I’ve been keen on connectomics as a framework to make sense of the unfathomable complexity of the brain. I have developed my Master’s thesis on predicting the outcome of cognitive training using MRI data at the Department of Anatomy and Neurosciences, in the Neuropsychiatry team.

Within the MULTINET team, we are leveraging a rather unique dataset of ante- and post-mortem data of patients with Parkinson, Alzheimer, and glioma. I will be working on a more fundamental line of research pertaining to establish bridges between the interactions of brain areas (macroscale) and those of neurons (microscale). Exciting stuff!

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