Jantine Röttgering joins the lab!

jantineI’m a young doctor with a fascination for human interaction and the secrets of the brain. Working in a neurology department, made me realise that the interaction between research, cure and care is viable to improve care for our patients. Neuro-oncology is a field with great challenges. Patients with a brain tumor still have poor survival rates and their quality of life is affected by a broad range of (neurocognitive) symptoms. I’m a fulltime PhD-student, aiming to contribute to the solution of those challenges. I work in a multidisciplinary team at the CCA Brain tumor Centre Amsterdam, an inspiring group of people tending to the needs of patients in a life-changing and vulnerable position. Within the GRIP project (GuaRding qualIty of survivorshiP) different interventions are studied with the goal of treating the most invalidating symptoms of those patients. My research focuses on the treatment of fatigue in brain tumor patients specifically. My current project is a randomised controlled clinical trial, aiming to reduce severe fatigue with blended cognitive behavioural therapy, hoping to improve quality of life. In the MULTINET lab we will use network-analysis to analyse MEG and MRI data in combination with clinical symptoms of those fatigued patients. Ultimately I hope to contribute to the wellbeing of patients with a brain tumor and to understand a bit more what mechanisms cause those invalidating symptoms. If you are interested in my project or want to share your thoughts, please do get in touch at j.rottgering@amsterdamumc.nl. I look forward to hearing from you!

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