Marloes Bet

I am a second-year Neurosciences Master student, fascinated by the ability of the brain to govern the entire human body, including itself. In my last internship, I used a network approach to integrate structural (anatomical) and functional (activity-related) MRI-data in multiple sclerosis patients with and without cognitive impairment. As I realised the extent to which different brain areas and even different networks in the brain rely on each other, my interest for networks in the brain was sparked. Currently, I am a research assistant at MULTINET, working on a project that applies network theory to communication within the field of Neuroscience. We are working together through Academy Assistants (Network Institute) with communication experts to quantify meetings as networks with various structures. Eventually, we hope that these structures can help us organise neuroscientific meetings in maximally translational ways. Because like in the brain, integration of neuroscientific knowledge from different disciplines is required for higher-order functioning.

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