Fernando Santos has joined the lab!

Photo_FernandoI am trained in statistical mechanics and applied topology. My current interests are in using methods of topology, geometry, statistical mechanics, and topological data analysis (TDA) in neuroscience. During my Ph.D. at Federal University of Pernambuco (Brazil), I studied the topological aspects of phase transitions in classical Hamiltonian systems. Later, I spend one year as a visitor at the Wolfson Center for mathematical biology (Oxford), studying theoretical methods for stochastic biochemical reactions.

My previous interdisciplinary research paved the way to join Linda’s lab to use methods of TDA to study and understand brain networks.  A first work resulting from the collaboration between us is available as a preprint already, and I hope we have much more to do. In particular, we are interested in understanding functional brain networks from glioma patients through the lenses of TDA. I’m pleased to join Linda’s lab for the next months, and I ‘m keen to expanding my interdisciplinary knowledge in neuroscience by learning from other fellows at MULTINET lab as well. I enjoy the interdisciplinary aspects of neuroscience,  and joining Lindas’ lab is going to be a stimulating experience in this regard. Moreover, I feel privileged to join an interdisciplinary lab with a broad range of people with different skills and backgrounds at all levels.


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