MULTINET lab @OHBM in Rome!

Come check out the Educational Day, where Linda will talk about resting-state fMRI for language mapping, or visit one of the following posters!!

Tuesday T404 | Amyloid-β relates to lower structural degree and higher local efficiency in the posterior cingulate | Laura Jonkman, Martijn Steenwijk, Yvon Galis, Nicky Boesen, Annemieke Rozemuller, Jeroen Geurts, Frederik Barkhof, Linda Douw, Wilma van de Berg

Tuesday T610 | Deconstructing increased network clustering with magnetoencephalography in glioma patients | Shanna Kulik, Jolanda Derks, Tianne Numan, Philip De Witt Hamer, Arjan Hillebrand, Martin Klein, Jeroen Geurts, Jaap Reijneveld, Cornelis Stam, Menno Schoonheim, Linda Douw

Wednesday W578 | A new repository to share Brain Tumour data: European Network for Brain Imaging of Tumours | Cyril Pernet, Daniele Marinazzo, Christophe Stippich, Roland Beisteiner, Linda Douw, Anders Eklund


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