Job alert! Postdoc and/or Assistant professor position

We are seeking a talented scientist to strengthen our lab as we strive to improve patient outcomes by understanding and manipulating personalized multiscale network data. We investigate brain disease in general, and glioma specifically, on multiple scales: at the macroscale, we employ advanced neuroimaging and neurophysiology, as well as behavioral assessments. At the micro and mesoscales, we have access to unique data stemming from patients undergoing neurosurgery, and are looking for a conceptually strong scientist to develop and perform experiments that scope cell-cell interactions and circuit-level activity and connectivity, and/or analyze such data towards developing an integrated framework to understand the intricate associations between neuronal activity and large-scale network processes.

Some of our leading questions are: when does the function versus pathology of a single cell propagate into beneficial versus aberrant activity and connectivity at the circuit level? How does this process ultimately impact the whole-brain connectome level? And how can we intervene on this detrimental cascade to halt or reverse cognitive impairment?

Candidates must have a PhD, otherwise little limitations apply. We welcome people with varying backgrounds and interests, as this line of research is still under development in our department. There is ample opportunity for this position to become permanent within 1 year.

Reach out if you’re interested (and particularly if you want to chat at OHBM)! How? DM @multinetlab or email l.douw at amsterdamumc dot nl.


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